Guépard GAC9600 Gateway & WLAN Controller

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Guépard Enterprise gateway & WLAN Controller

Guépard GAC9600 is medium size Enterprise Gateway based on CAPWAP protocol with Intel CPU and Multi-Gigabit WAN ports (up to 4 WAN ports) supports. GAC9600’s abilities: Load Balance, Ethernet backup and Ethernet Superimposed functions, together with Smart QoS, user behavior management, VPN management, VLAN management, and firewall build-in. GAC9600 allow 1000 end users accessing at the same time, supplying high speed connections, high stability and security Ethernet to them, it is applied to small and medium sized organizations widely as: hotel, shopping mall, trading center, university campus...

GAC9600 is a professional WLAN Controller based on CAPWAP protocol for managing max 1000 pcs FIT wireless access point in central or remote base. This is good wireless solution which saving the setting-up, configuration and maintenance cost.

Besides that, GAC9600 can access into cloud server which work as a bypass controller only, administrator can access into the GUI to manage at any place and any networks. GAC9600 allow running Wi-Fi marketing if it work as enterprise gateway, so very easy to post advertisement and captive portal authentication. It’s more professional and enhancing the business’s brand name.

Multi-Gigabit WAN with load balance function: GAC9600 supports PPPoE/DHCP/Static IP/PPTP access, work with different ISPs (Multi-ISP) and allow simultaneous accesses obtain max 1000 end users.

User Behavior Control and Flow Control (QoS): With bandwidth gateway is limit but users surf many online applications which is result of internal slow speed status; GAC9600 can solve this problem by regulation for user’s behavior.

Multi Gigabit WAN with load balance function: GAC7000 support PPPoE/DHCP/Static IP, work with different ISP and allow a lot of end users can access into it. It with multi Gigabit WAN ports up to 4 in hardware, then load balance function for this WAN Ethernet to avoid bandwidth overload, or recover the dropped networking line to ensure the whole networking smoothly.

VLAN Management GAC9600 supports VLAN management, it can trunk the VLAN ID from VLAN switch, then allow the WLAN controller to manage the wireless AP under VLAN switch.

Captive Portal Authentication: Besides that, when GAC9600 work as gateway under cloud server, GAC9600 supports local authentication and remote authentication.

Central Management for Wireless AP: Zero configure or Device Group: Add one in Zero Configure group before wireless AP is on, then GAC9600 will be automatically pushing configuration data to wireless AP based on group’s configurations. Or set up different groups in the whole networks, then GAC9600 will assign configuration data to the wireless AP under each group automatically.

Others: GAC9600 supports real time speed monitor, VPN router, Static IP, DDNS... which match all of customer requests.